Be The Hero of Your Own Story

We all want everything to go right all the time.

We'd rather be comfortable than uncomfortable.

We'd rather be "friended" on Facebook than "unfriended."

We'd rather stroll down an easy path than stumble along a rocky road.

We want life to be a happy beginning, a happy middle and, above all, a happy ending.

Heroes Are Made, Not Born

Yet we admire people who overcome huge odds to succeed: mountain climbers, handicapped athletes, underdogs. Problem is, we don't want to BE those people.

Have you ever watched a movie with happy characters who lived happy lives, uninterrupted by problems, and who lived happily ever after? Of course not. That's no story. A good story has a hero who triumphs over difficulties. The greater the difficulties, the greater the hero.

Girl Standing on Mountain

We cheer for such a hero. We celebrate such a hero.

We just don't want to have to BE such a hero.

Unhappy Beginnings Aren’t Easy

If you’re pregnant without wanting to be, you may be wondering how you can possibly turn this crisis into a happy ending. You’re not the first woman to wonder that.

This woman certainly wondered. Her story may surprise you.

Running For the Exit?

When it's MY life that lies in ruins, or when I run into intimidating problems, I want to run for the door marked EXIT. I want out. I don't want to go through the problems...even though I know that that's how heroes are born. That's how human beings become the best they can be. They go through trouble and come out on the other side, a victorious version of their former selves.

Unfortunately, if I don’t stop and count the cost—count all the costs—of taking the EXIT door, I’m likely to end up causing myself more problems than the ones I’m already in. In your present situation, abortion may look like an easy way out of your pregnancy, but the hidden costs may be more than you want to pay.

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With a Little Help From My Friends…

I’ve found that with supportive friends who care enough to listen and wade into my problems with me, I am more likely to calm down and figure out a way to make it through. Friends can remind me that there is hope I had forgotten about, or help that I didn't know was available. Friends can also keep me from making rash decisions that will cost me more pain in the long run.

That's exactly what the staff of Choices Pregnancy Center wants to be for you: supportive friends that are willing to go through your unexpected pregnancy with you. We believe you have the potential not only to survive, but also to become a better person. You can be the one others admire.


If you need supportive friends, contact us. We can help.

Don't run for the exit. Walk tall through the challenges, and see how you emerge on the other side.

You can be a hero—to yourself and your child.