Why Redwood Falls Needs Choices

Elections remind us that we want choices. Choices between real, viable options. Choices that give us some control over our future. So imagine going to the ballot box and finding only one candidate for an office. No write-in space. Just the one candidate, who is not someone you want to vote for. Take it or leave it: only one choice. Is that really a choice?

Choices Hands 2Women in the Redwood Falls area need real choices.

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, a woman may feel she has only one choice. (Read one woman’s story about finding only one choice available.) A woman may be desperate to do whatever it takes to reset her life to “normal.” In reality, though, her “normal” has already been forever changed: it includes a pregnancy. Now she must choose how to respond to that change. That’s where Choices comes in. Choices Pregnancy Center exists to help a woman discover that real choices are available. At Choices, our advocates give a woman the freedom to talk about all of her mixed feelings. We enable her to explore options she might not have even considered, providing her with complete information for decision-making. With Choices, no woman has to feel cornered into acting out of fear, ignorance, or hopelessness.

Women in the Redwood Falls area need support.

People are quick to give advice. But who will be there to stand beside a woman while she lives with her choice? We will. Choices Pregnancy Center offers a woman caring, confidential, and compassionate help—during the crisis and beyond. We know she will experience a wide range of emotions and challenges stemming from any choice she makes. So we offer her a listening ear and a strong arm to lean on, along with a rich variety of resources.

  • Does she want education? She can learn from our video lessons on topics including pregnancy and childbirth, relationships, parenting skills, adoption, breastfeeding, and more.
  • Does she need practical help? Perhaps supplies like diapers, a stroller, or clothes? With the Baby Bucks she earns from her video lessons (and from participating in other community programs) she can “shop” in our Boutique—without spending any of her precious cash.
  • Is abortion part of her past? We can point her to the source of true hope and healing.

Women in the Redwood Falls area need lifestyle counsel.

Each woman comes to us from a culture that promotes no other choice but to be sexually active. Choices Pregnancy Center encourages her to examine how her lifestyle choices affect her health—emotionally, physically, and socially. We encourage her to consider the path to sexual integrity, and we support her as she charts a new course for her life. With each woman who determines to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Redwood Falls becomes a community of stronger, happier families.

So that’s why we’re here. Because Redwood Falls needs Choices.

Do you believe our community needs Choices Pregnancy Center?

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