Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

Unexpected pregnancy can be an experience filled with uncertainty. You may be tempted to react hastily.

But before you make a decision that will affect the rest of your life, take the time to gather factual information about the options before you.

You deserve to reach a decision based on knowledge that leaves you feeling confident. Find empowerment in the information provided by Choices Pregnancy Center.

You deserve to be able to voice your concerns and receive complete medical facts about your pregnancy.

Talking with us at Choices Pregnancy Center about all the pieces of your pregnancy puzzle can be just what you need to feel assured that the choice you make is all yours and is a very good one.

Pregnancy Center staff can be the right people to talk to about unplanned pregnancy questions.

Share Your Concerns

An unexpected pregnancy can throw you for a loop and cause you to react hastily for many reasons. Maybe you are afraid of your parents finding out. Perhaps you are worried about how your life or your relationships will change.

Women have often told us they many concerns about parenting, and they also had concerns about abortion. They wanted someone to listen so they could sort out what mattered most to them.

Others told us they felt they were being rushed into making a decision before they were sure it was the right one.

Whatever your concerns, our client advocates are prepared to listen and help you address your fears. You have questions, let us help you find the answers.

Gain the strength and insight you need to move forward with confidence.

Protect Your Health

Abortion is a serious medical procedure and comes with side effects and risks. Understanding each procedure's risks and recovery can help you prioritize your health.

Let us inform you about the side effects and risks you can expect and the signs and symptoms of complications following an abortion so you are prepared to reach out for emergency help when needed.

Choices Pregnancy Center also offers free medical-grade pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. Our free services provide information about your pregnancy, like viability, date, and location, so that you can make the safest decisions for your health.

Learn About Your Options

Sometimes even when a woman would like to consider parenting or adoption, they are hesitant because they worry that they don’t have what it takes. Choices Pregnancy Center can help you explore your options more thoroughly. Our knowledgeable client advocates will help you understand the resources that will be available to you if you choose these options. With that information, you may find that parenting or adoption may be much more possible than you once believed.

Learning more about abortion and your other options from a caring advocate who has nothing to gain from your decision equips you with real choices.

Talk With Us

Contact us to schedule an options consultation. All services at Choices Pregnancy Center are free and confidential. We do not profit in any way from your choices, so you can trust us to provide unbiased information about your options.