Community Change Starts in Loving Hearts

Supporting new families through Change for Life helps change our community.Changing a community begins in the hearts of its people. And around Redwood Falls, Minnesota, those loving hearts are pouring change into baby bottles.

Many people living in and near Redwood Falls have hearts that want to see children and families thrive, and they showed it recently in giving to Choices Pregnancy Center’s Change for Life campaign.

So far this spring and summer, members of nine churches have filled Change for Life baby bottles with donations, from pennies to sizeable checks. We’re here to report back that those nine participating churches have already turned in $4,778.26. And more bottles keep coming in!

Are you wondering how all those pennies and quarters (and dollars and checks) will help Choices Pregnancy Center change lives? You may have seen our video hinting about that on this post. But let us tell you more.

Meeting Less-Visible Needs

Choices Pregnancy Center receives some significant funding from Minnesota’s Positive Alternatives grant. But the grant only covers some of our services. This leaves much of what we do to be paid for in other ways. This is where Change for Life becomes vital.

As our video suggested, filled baby bottles help us meet the real, practical needs of our clients, providing everything from diapers and baby clothes to strollers and cribs. However, they pay for other less visible needs, too.

For instance, Change for Life donations also help the women of our community by helping us take our pregnancy and parenting education to clients who can’t come to us. Did you know that our Earn While You Learn coordinator travels to area high schools to meet with pregnant students? She does. So, thank you for covering the gas to get her there.

In addition, Change for Life donations do important “everyday” work. They keep the lights on in our office. They put paper in our printer so we can put information sheets in our clients’ hands. They cover expenses for overhead, those less-glamorous but essential expenses of carrying on our ministry.

“Change for Life” Never Stops

While eight of the nine churches filled their Change for Life bottles between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, still others will be doing so this fall, during Advent, or during Lent next year.

With all of these generous donors helping them throughout the year, our clients feel loved. This kind of love powerfully impacts women and families facing unexpected pregnancy and the resulting life changes they couldn’t have navigated on their own.

And loved families are families that will thrive and grow, making the communities around Redwood Falls healthier and stronger.

From all of the staff and clients here at Choices Pregnancy Center,
thank you for your ongoing support!