How to be More Than Just a Baby Daddy

Men can grow from baby daddies to fathers who love and raise their children.Once a baby’s on the way, a guy is a “baby daddy,” right?

Yeah. Well, that was the easy part.

And that’s where far too many guys start to get—dare we say it?—scared.

If you’re a guy who’s already a baby daddy, but not quite sure how to go on to be a father, this post’s for you.

Babies Don’t Come With Instruction Manuals

Raising a child isn’t like fixing a car: read the manual, buy the right parts, put them in, and the machine’s humming again. For one thing, there’s no manual! You bring that squirmy little person home. . . and then what?

Maybe you’re hoping the baby’s mother will magically know how to do everything. But guess what? Moms have to learn, just like dads do.

So here’s pointer #1: The best way to learn is to try. Be there. Don’t walk away or expect someone else to love and care for your baby. Start bonding with your child on Day One. Show them you’re there for the long haul.

Ready for pointer #2? Take parenting classes. What if you could ask all your questions about fatherhood without feeling foolish? What if you could listen to other men share what they’ve learned about being a dad? Would that make a difference in your life?

You bet it would.

And that’s what we have for you, Dad: free one-on-one classes customized just for you, here at Choices Pregnancy Center. Bring your wife or partner along, if you like. And as a perk, you’ll earn free Baby Bucks to spend on stuff you want in our store. Imagine being that dad who brings home a new high chair or some “My Dad’s the greatest” baby clothes.

That’s pointer #3: Enjoy being The Provider. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Becoming a Father When Your Dad Didn’t

Guys, if your dad fell down on the fatherhood job, it’s natural that you’ve got some doubts about how you’ll do with your own child. Sure, the best way to learn father-ing is from watching your own father do his best raising you.

But if your Dad failed, don’t assume you’re destined to follow in those footsteps.

Which brings us to pointer #4: Decide to be different. Decide to seek out wisdom. Decide not to shirk your responsibility. Decide not to be the coward that turns over the hard work to the baby mommy. Decide to find good role models to teach you the ropes. Decide to learn how to be brave and strong without being rough on your family.

You can do it. Lots of men before you have found the courage to “dad up.” And we’re here to help you.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we’re about equipping men and women to move beyond pregnancy into building strong families. And we’d like to know how we can help YOU.

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