Why We Love the Unexpected Life

There's hope for your unexpected life--and Easter is exactly the season to celebrate that.Don’t you just love Easter?

Here in Minnesota, buds are opening, grass is greening up, and temperatures are warming.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, Easter is one of our favorite times of year. It reminds us of the power of an unexpected life. As a faith-based organization, we find in Easter a reason to celebrate the way Life overturned death, the way joy came flooding in on a wave of surprise.

At Easter, darkness turned to light, and despair turned to hope.

Just when people least expected it.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the story of Jesus Christ’s death. If so, you know that all the hopes and dreams of His friends and family were crushed when He died, hanging on a cross. It was a tragic ending to a beautiful story . . .

. . . except it wasn’t the end. Three days later, He was alive again. What had looked like disaster became the world’s greatest victory. Just as He had lived a life no one expected, His death took a turn no one expected, too. His new life was the beginning of our hope.

There is Hope for Unexpected Lives

Now maybe you can see why an unexpected pregnancy in tough circumstances doesn’t look hopeless to us. We know it may feel that way at the beginning, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. We know that the impossible becomes possible with faith in the God of resurrection.

Since Choices is built on that kind of faith, we hold out that kind of hope to for each person we meet. We know there’s never a situation too awful to be turned around. We know God always cares and is present to help. We know He never gives up, even when we feel we don’t deserve His love.

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That’s why we do what we do. Because each person matters to a God who delights in kindness, we aim to show kindness to everyone, just like He does. Because He designed every life, no matter how that life began, we provide emotional and material support so parents can cherish the unexpected life they have conceived. We love because He first loved us—when we didn’t expect it.

If you’re looking for hope, we’d love to share ours with you.
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