You Deserve “Choices” for Pregnancy Help

DPC worried girl with counselor

Lots of organizations offer to help pregnant women. Are they all the same?

Short answer: No.

So let’s be up-front about Choices Pregnancy Center and what we do. We just might be the place for you.

We serve pregnant women in a variety of challenging circumstances. What brings you here is your own unique story. You may feel so overwhelmed it’s hard to even think about the future. You probably hear many voices shouting what you “ought” to do. You may feel lonely, scared, confused, embarrassed, pressured, worried, angry—or a host of other emotions. We give you a safe place to quiet down, voice your own feelings and fears, and ask your questions. We believe you are fully capable of making wise decisions. You just need some time, some accurate answers, and a coach to encourage you to act upon what you value.

We know pregnant women have many options for their next step. You may have even more options than you think you do. We won’t rush you into any decision before you’ve had time to consider all your available options and the way each one would impact you. We will listen to your concerns and questions, and ask some of our own, to help you plot your own course through this difficult time.

We are financially free to allow our clients to shape a future of their own choosing. You will find that Choices has a unique advantage: we are a non-profit pregnancy help organization, not a business. That means:

  • We do not benefit from any choice you make. We are totally free to help you explore what you value so that you can choose what you want.
  • You will receive all our services free of charge. That includes pregnancy tests, lessons, referrals, and more.
  • Our funding comes from two major sources: donors (who are usually individuals, businesses, churches or charitable organizations like United Way) and a grant through Minnesota’s Positive Alternatives Act.

As a faith-based organization well-versed in current scientific research, we are convinced that human life begins at conception. We will not hide from you the medical facts about what is happening in your womb. You can trust us to be forthright about childbirth, about abortion, and about birth control. To be deceptive would be unloving toward you. We believe you deserve the truth.

We care about your tomorrow, not just your today. You can depend on us to continue offering you compassionate support, no matter what choice you ultimately make. We know that each option comes with its own challenges down the road. If you choose to carry your baby to term, you can participate in our Earn While You Learn program, which gives you both education in childbirth, parenting, and relationship issues as well as vouchers called Baby Bucks. You can use Baby Bucks in our Boutique to obtain items you need for yourself and your baby. We can also connect you with other community resources that may be of help to you. If adoption is your choice, we can provide information about adoption agencies. (Again, we are not paid for such referrals.) If you choose abortion, though we neither provide nor refer for that service, we will still be here for you, ready to walk with you through the impact of that decision.

Choices Pregnancy Center exists because pregnant women in turmoil deserve to be loved and encouraged. By being your advocates, we can help you break free of feeling trapped and begin moving toward the direction you want your life to go. We are here when you need us.

Contact us today. Don't wait any longer to get the help you deserve.

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