Parenting: Your Adventure in Changing the World

Parents embark on a world-changing adventure when raising children.Do you ever dream of doing something so great that it changes the world? You know, something people would look up to you for—the way they do human rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. or computer genius Bill Gates, or scientist Louis Pasteur?

What if a world-changing accomplishment were within your reach? What would you be willing to do to make it happen?

You Can Change the World

Let’s say you could introduce into the world something truly unique. Something never seen before. Something that will change the course of countless lives—lives you may never even know about. And if you didn’t? Human history would have a big gaping hole where your great accomplishment ought to have been.

Guess what? You could do all this.

You could do it by being a parent.

Your Child: A One-of-a-Kind Gift

As a parent, you give the world a person unlike any other. With his own unique DNA, his own set of experiences, your child will be like no other. Not even his brothers or sisters—not even a twin—will be exactly like him. Once he is conceived, there can never be anyone else just like your child.

Your child has the potential of being someone’s best friend, brightening someone’s day with his smile, or even saving someone’s life. Someday he may record an upbeat song that lifts depressed hearts. He may invent the cure for cancer or solve the world’s pollution problem. He may teach hundreds of children to read. He may become the best husband one woman ever dreamed of. He may show others the way to be kind.

Imagine how much just one child—yours—could enrich the world.

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You, Parent, Make the Difference

As a parent, your impact on your child is enormous. It’s common knowledge[1] that kids raised by good, loving, involved parents excel in many ways, including:

  • Performing better in school
  • Learning and growing from their mistakes
  • Interacting with others in healthy ways
  • Managing their emotions well
  • Handling the impact of life’s challenges

And you—yes, you—can be the one to bring about all those good things. The world needs more people with these strengths. Can you see why your good parenting will make a lasting difference?

Go Boldly on a Parenting Adventure

Will parenting be easy? Probably not. But is the adventure worth it? Definitely.

Like any adventurer, you may wonder if you have what it takes to reach such a lofty goal. Of course you do! No mountaineer looks at the peak ahead and thinks, “Piece of cake.” And no parent ever looked at a positive pregnancy test and thought, “This’ll be easy.”

But is it worth it? Oh yeah. Definitely.

So look your fears in the eye and decide to conquer them. Like all the world-changers before you, find yourself mentors and trainers to help you on your way. Sign up for parenting classes. Learn and grow. Because being a good parent will be the world-changing adventure of a lifetime.


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