Single Parenting and You: Do You Have What It Takes?

You can be the parent your child needs you to be, even if your are a single parent.
So you’re expecting—unexpectedly. What went through your mind when you found out?

“What am I going to do? I’m not ready to be a mom!”

“Hey, I’ve got this. My friends can do it, so I can, too.”

“If I’m going to give this baby life, I want it to be a good life.”

“How am I supposed to make all these important decisions?

“Is there anybody I can talk to about this, who won’t judge me?”

Totally natural reactions. In fact, all moms say these things to themselves at some time. That goes for experienced moms, newbies, married moms and single moms. Motherhood is a big job. How can you tell if you’re truly up for it?

See if these statements describe you.

I Am Not Ashamed to Ask for Help

Being a strong mom doesn’t mean you don’t have support. Good moms are willing to admit they can’t do everything alone. And they go get help.

  • What can a pregnancy help center do for me? If you live in or around Redwood Falls or Marshall, MN, you can talk with the compassionate staff at Choices Pregnancy Center. We don’t judge, we listen. Many of our clients tell us we are the only people they trust to “spill their guts” to. They know we are confidential, caring, and experienced in helping women make the most of their pregnancy and parenting journeys. (Live elsewhere? Click here to find a similar center near you.)
  • How can I connect with other parents? Try the Parenting Circle in Redwood Falls. Contact Eric Johnson at to find out more.
  • What church could I be part of? Stop by Choices Pregnancy Center for a free list of area churches.

I Can Be Honest In Assessing My Resources

  • What do I already have? Do you have a stable living situation? A good job? Emotional and/or financial support from your family and/or friends? Assistance from the baby’s father?
  • What else is available? At Choices, we provide a listening ear and encouragement for parents as well as clothing and supplies for both you and your baby. They’re all free through our Earn While You Learn program. In addition we can connect you with additional resources and services in your community.
  • What if I want more for my child than all my resources provide? If you want to consider finding a loving family that can raise your child the way you feel is best, we can point you to some great people who can help you make a wise adoption plan for your child’s future.

I Can Learn and Grow

  • Am I emotionally mature enough to learn how to parent? Motherhood requires putting your child’s needs ahead of your own. Can you get there from here?
  • Am I willing to make lifestyle changes for the sake of my child? To nurture a child, you’ll need to make good, healthy lifestyle choices. Drinking, drugs, and unhealthy relationships only make parenting harder. With support, can you leave those things behind?
  • Would I accept some coaching to become a better parent? At Choices Pregnancy Center we love bringing out the best in people like you, helping them do more than they ever thought possible. Check out how we do coaching.

If these statements are true of you, then you have what it takes to become the parent your child needs you to be.

Whether you choose to raise your child yourself or select adoptive parents who can give your child all you want her to have, you have what it takes to do the right thing for your child.

That makes you a good parent.


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