Surprising Women’s Health Benefits at Choices Pregnancy Center

Women's health benefits from the holistic approach at Choices Pregnancy Center.Women are fascinating and complex human beings. Their health involves the entirety of their bodies, minds, and spirits. It makes sense, then, that serving “women’s health” would promote the well-being of all three facets of a woman.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we promote women’s health in multiple ways. Do you find that surprising?

Because pregnancy is a condition unique to women, we specialize in promoting women’s holistic health as it is impacted by pregnancy.

Here’s how we do that.

Mental Health Benefits

Emotional Support

Women experiencing unexpected pregnancy may feel fear, worry, excitement, disappointment, happiness, dread…

You name it, women have felt it.

At such a time, a woman’s mental health is stretched to the limit. She needs emotional support, not pressure or manipulation. So we give her a relaxed setting in which to calm down and talk through her situation with a compassionate mentor. Here, a woman is free to ask all her questions and voice all her concerns. As we listen, we help her assess where she stands right now and then identify the available resources that can help her move forward.

Growth in Confidence

Far too many women have spent years hearing messages that devalue them. We support women’s mental health by countering those negative, hurtful messages, encouraging them instead to recognize their own value and embrace their capability to act wisely.

Because we believe women can make good decisions when armed with the facts they need, we provide complete and accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, and abortion methods, using materials from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Joining our educational Earn While You Learn program helps put to rest women’s fears about things like childbirth, parenting, adoption, and relational conflict. Further, women reduce their stress over providing for a child when the Baby Bucks they earn through the program are cashed in for the maternity or baby items they want from our on-site Boutique.

In addition, women benefit from our extensive network of supportive community helpers to whom we can refer them for additional needs, from domestic violence issues to housing help or food assistance.

Women gain confidence when receiving emotional health support.

Freedom from Regret

One of the biggest mental health benefits women reap from Choices Pregnancy Center is pride in their choices. No one wants to carry regret through their lives. We enjoy seeing women stop feeling powerless and become empowered to create a positive future for themselves and their children.

Abortion Recovery

Although a growing body of scientific evidence indicates that abortion can negatively impact a woman’s mental health for years to come, many health care professionals aren’t yet trained to recognize the link between a woman’s past abortion and her present depression, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts.

We don’t want women to keep suffering needlessly. That’s why we offer compassionate help to those who have chosen abortion—whether it was yesterday or years ago. We help them find healing for their hidden wounds.

Relational Health Benefits

A woman’s pregnancy implies she has been in a relationship of one kind or another. That relationship may be good but strained by her pregnancy. Or maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship that clanks along behind her like tin cans tied to a fender, or drags like a broken rope left by a boat that sailed away.

We seek to understand where each woman stands in her relationships. Does she want to include the baby’s father in discussing options for the future? Does she have a supportive family? Does she want help building healthier future relationships? Is she seeking help resisting unhealthy relational pressure? Once she tells us where she wants to go, we give her the tools to get there plus the one-on-one mentoring she needs to complete the journey.

Women grounded in the basics of building healthy relationships will experience greater relational health.

Physical Health Benefits

For women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term, we can offer prenatal vitamins to promote their physical health and that of their developing babies while they wait for their first doctor visits.

Women also benefit from our training in sustaining healthy pregnancies. Through us they can receive education and coaching in areas like ceasing smoking and substance abuse, eating a healthy diet, and developing lifestyle habits for long-term health.

We encourage women to protect their reproductive health by avoiding sexual risk. Our clients learn to value their fertility, enjoy sex within marriage, and defend their bodies from sexually transmitted diseases.

Since we know women deserve complete information about the risks of any medical procedure or treatment, we make sure they get all the facts about different abortion methods, including chemical abortion (the “abortion pill”). Further, any woman who starts the abortion pill regimen and quickly regrets her decision can contact us to be connected with health professionals who can administer the medical protocol to reverse the process. (Learn about Abortion Pill Reversal here.)

Currently, we leave medical diagnosis and treatment to the fine medical professionals in our community. And because we have good relationships with them, we help women connect to the professionals they need. (Note: Because we do not see abortion as health care, but instead as the taking of a human life, we do not refer women to abortion providers.)

Spiritual health is as much a part of women's health as physical health.

Spiritual Health Benefits

No discussion of a woman’s health would be complete without addressing her spiritual side. As a faith-based organization, we stand ready to support women who seek to improve their spiritual health. While we respect each woman’s traditions and beliefs, we are happy to share our own if she permits.

Fundamentally, it is our faith that compels us to love women and promote their health and well-being. For this reason, we are thrilled to support all women who come to us as they pursue lives marked by health in every sense of the word.


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