Watch Me Grow: Your Baby’s Development in Months 4 to 6

Child Development months 4-6If you thought the changes in your child from birth to three months were huge, then get ready to be amazed. Months four through six are even more exciting!

By the end of your baby’s first six months, she will be fully engaged with the world.

She’ll be prepped to get herself places.

She’ll be trying to communicate with you. It may be time to teach her some baby sign language.

And she’ll be better at sleeping through the night. (Hooray!)

Your Baby’s Best Nurturer: You

You can encourage your baby’s development during these months with some of these wise parenting moves:

  • Establish a daily routine.
  • Provide clean things to play with and chew on, like squeaky toys, plastic cups, a rattle, ball, teething toys
  • Keep small objects she could swallow out of her reach
  • Give her a change of scenery, indoors and out
  • Play classical music
  • Talk, sing, and read to your baby
  • Cuddle and comfort your child as often as she wants

You can develop good parenting habits so your child will grow up feeling secure and loved. And a loved baby is a happy baby!

Now’s the time to baby-proof your home if you haven’t already. Put baby locks on cupboards, remove breakable things and toxic chemicals from Baby’s level. Give her plenty of open space to spend tummy time playing with you on the floor.

Now Your Baby Can Do So Much!

Here are some of the important changes you can expect to see your child go through during her fourth through sixth months.

Developmental Milestones Month 4-6 Infographic

Is My Baby Normal?

Don’t panic if you don’t see your baby achieve a certain milestone during a particular month. Just watch for your child to make progress through these milestones. Every child is unique.

However, if you do have any concerns, be sure to discuss them with your pediatrician. In this article about child development, you’ll find excellent information about what red flags you should watch for as your baby grows.

Speaking of Growth

Interested in checking your baby's growth between doctor visits? Scroll down this page from Pampers to find growth charts which you can download for that purpose.

Baby will soon be ready to start eating soft food. Watch for signs she’s teething, and that she can sit up in a high chair. You can learn more about introducing soft foods here.

Meanwhile, enjoy all your baby can do at this stage!

Watch what your baby is likely to be doing at 6 months, courtesy of Minnesota Help Me Grow:

(To see videos for other ages and stages, check out their whole playlist.)


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