Change for Life Will Change Lives

Bring some friends and some food to share, and get ready for funWhen a woman faces a crisis involving an unexpected pregnancy, she needs help. Now.

She needs to talk to someone who cares—about her, and about the baby she’s not sure what to do with.

She needs a safe place to take time to evaluate all her options, to talk through what really matters to her.

She needs to be able to call, to text, to sit down with people who will truly listen to her.

She needs trustworthy people who will neither preach to her nor dictate quick fixes. People who can show her all the kinds of help that are available for her.

Thanks to twelve area churches who poured generous amounts of loose change into baby bottles recently, women around Redwood Falls will keep finding the help they need.

You may be surprised how much loose change can do.

What Our Community Churches Brought In

Twelve Redwood Falls area churches filled baby bottles to donate Change for Life.

Isn’t it striking how several people giving just $20 can significantly impact our community?

What This Money Will Do

At Choices Pregnancy Center in Redwood Falls, we never charge our clients for our services. That’s right. All our services are free.

The last thing a woman in crisis needs is a bill. (Or a business that recommends those services that will fill its coffers.)

So we depend on a Positive Alternatives grant, the United Way, and generous donations like these in order to keep offering help to our clients.

That’s why donations to our Change for Life campaign will help in many ways, including these:

  • Pay for phone service so we can answer calls and texts, anytime, anywhere
  • Provide free pregnancy tests in a confidential and caring setting
  • Maintain our computers and DVD players so the information clients need and the video lessons they want to watch are always accessible
  • Buy lifelike fetal models so women can see how developed their babies are at various stages
  • Provide post-abortive support to help women find healing
  • Pay our rent so clients have a place to come meet with us
  • Support mailings to inform our supporters of Choices’ success stories and plans

Got Bottles? It’s Not Too Late

If you have one of our baby bottles at home, you can still return it to your church or directly to Choices Pregnancy Center. Don’t worry if you forgot to fill it. Returning an empty bottle will spare us having to buy more bottles for our next campaign. And returning even a partially full bottle makes helping women and their babies just that much more possible.

Looking for other fun ways to support Choices? Consider these ideas:

  • Attend our Holiday Shopping Open House in November. (See what we did last year here.)
  • Gather some friends, a book club, or other group and have a “Baby Shower” (like this church group did). Together, you can contribute items for our Baby Buck Boutique, where moms can use Baby Bucks to get items they need for themselves and their babies.
  • Host a virtual party to sell your products. Encourage friends to participate by letting them know you’re contributing a portion of your proceeds to Choices Pregnancy Center.
  • Send an anonymous gift to our office. (Just had to throw that in!)
  • Volunteer your time or services.


If you’re one of the many people who filled a baby bottle to raise Change for Life,
we sincerely thank you for your support.

Most of the women we serve have no idea
how many people it takes
to enable Choices Pregnancy Center to serve them.
But we know. And we’re very grateful to you.