6 Good Reasons to Support Choices Pregnancy Center

Hands Make Heart on Pregnant BellyYou want to make a difference in the world. You want to do something that's good, something that's satisfying. Something that expresses what you value most. You want to see lives saved, communities transformed. But you can't do everything you'd like to do. So which worthy cause should you support?

You don't need to look any farther than Choices Pregnancy Center, the non-profit pregnancy help organization in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Why?

We'll give you 6 good reasons.


Reason #1: Clients Want What We’ve Got

Average Return Visits Per ClientWe’ve built a reputation as non-judgmental listeners, effective coaches, and helpful supporters. Our clients now return for follow-up visits almost nine times more often than they did ten years ago.

  • Alexa*, mother of two told us, “There is not judgment but help and advice, and you make us…able to face down odds that are always so dead set against us…”
  • Luci* said, “I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for this wonderful program. Thanks again for all your help and support.”

(*Names changed to preserve confidentiality.)


Reason #2: We Serve All Ages

Unexpected pregnancies don’t just happen to young teens. In 2015, 68% of our clients were in their twenties. That left the remaining 32% split almost evenly between teens and thirty-somethings. Women facing pregnancies that up-end their lives can be almost any age. We serve them all.


Our Clients by GenderReason #3: It’s Not Just For Women

When you hear “unexpected pregnancy,” you naturally think of a woman. But every pregnancy involves a man, too. At Choices, 25% of our clients are men—men who come to learn how to be better fathers and leaders in their families.



Reason #4: Real Choices Require Real Facts

From the moment a woman (or man) walks through our doors, everything they hear from us is the truth. Because whether they’ve come for a free pregnancy test or answers to other questions, we believe truth is what people deserve. We will openly discuss the facts about all their options. We go on to inform them about all the resources that are available to help them face the challenges in their lives.


Choices PC Services infographicReason #5: Our Educated Clients Make Wiser Decisions

Education equips our clients to navigate life well. Through our popular Earn While You Learn program, clients work with our staff to choose video-based lessons on the topics they need to know about. Our lessons cover topics like prenatal development, parenting, adoption, healthy relationships, and sexual risk. By watching and discussing these lessons in private one-on-one sessions, clients gain the knowledge and the confidence they need to make good choices. At the same time, they earn vouchers called Baby Bucks--redeemable for items from our Boutique.


Reason #6: We Meet Tangible Needs

“I can’t afford all the things a baby needs!” This is often an expecting mother’s biggest concern. We help relieve that concern by stocking our Baby Buck Boutique with necessities (and fun things, too) which they can obtain for free. Our clients can simply “cash in” the Baby Bucks they earn through Earn While You Learn.

In the last year, our Boutique supplied over 600 items. And only 10% of those were diapers! We gave out 141 clothing items, along with a dozen pairs of shoes and boots, plus winter wear like hats, mittens, and scarves. Warm, handmade blankets went home with 37 parents. We also supplied fun things like 27 books and 37 toys. We happily provided 22 big-ticket items: Pack ‘n’ Plays, strollers, high chairs, and baby carriers. Most of these would have been impossible for our clients to buy apart from Choices Pregnancy Center.


So now that you’re convinced that Choices deserves your support, how can you help?

  • Donate cash and/or Boutique items: see our Donations page
  • Shop with outstanding vendors at our annual Holiday Shopping Open House on November 2, 2019. Join us from 10-2 at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Redwood Falls. A percentage of all purchases will be donated to Choices.
  • Volunteer in our office: see our Volunteer page
  • Give to our Change for Life Campaign through local Redwood Falls churches between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. (Watch our blog for upcoming details.)

If you have additional ideas or questions, please contact us for further information.
We thank you in advance for your support.