Preserving the Gift of Life in Our Community

The gift of being alive can only be given once. That's why Choices Pregnancy Center protects that gift.Do you ever pause to ponder exactly how you came to have life?

Why aren’t you just a collection of organic matter or lifeless cells?

What is the quality that makes you alive?

Then—and this may make you a bit uncomfortable—have you ever pondered how easily the life in you could be gone? And once gone, who among us could call your life back or give you another one?

We human beings simply don’t have the ability to generate—from nothing—that awesome thing called Life.

Doesn’t something that hard to come by, that fragile and vulnerable, deserve protection?

Yet we live in a world where many are quick to end life—as if it’s disposable, of no value. Easy come, easy go.

Yet it’s not really “easy come” at all.

Marvelous Mystery

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we still marvel that life itself is such a mysterious gift.

That’s why we have chosen to stand up for some of the most fragile and vulnerable lives of all: children in the womb—and their parents.

We don’t do it by marching or staging protests. We don’t wave signs or debate.

We simply invite our neighbors into relationships in which they can grow in their understanding of the gift of life, and help them find ways to preserve it.

Even when preserving life seems harder than ending it.

Along with a corps of volunteers, Choices Pregnancy Center has three staff members to serve our neighbors. Listen to the ways each of them works to preserve life.

Relationship Building

Gwenn Harrington works one-on-one with clients at Choices Pregnancy Center as Earn While You Learn Coordinator.Women and men facing challenges surrounding pregnancy and parenting are likely to spend the most time with our Earn While You Learn Coordinator, Gwenn. Whether it’s for their first free pregnancy tests or with new concerns about raising their children, clients can come to Gwenn for help.

“I meet with clients one-on-one to help them on their unique journeys,” Gwenn says. “Some come for our educational video lessons on childbirth, or relationships, or other topics. Others come for Life Coaching, to sort out how to move forward from here. Sometimes we just talk through the situations they’re facing.”

Clients go home with the emotional support, education, and necessary supplies they need to choose life for their children.

Community Connections

Carrie Meyers serves Choices Pregnancy Center as executive director, interacting with both clients and community.Many folks in our community first learn of our work through our Executive Director, Carrie. She is the most public face of our work, as she explains to our neighbors exactly what we do. “I take seriously my role of presenting the ministry of Choices Pregnancy Center to people who may not be familiar with our work,” Carrie says.

“There are some wonderful people in Redwood and Renville Counties, dedicated to promoting life and health and growth among our neighbors. These are the people with whom we want to cooperate. One of our strengths at Choices is connecting families to those people and their services.”

At the same time, Carrie connects community members who want to serve neighbors in need with hands-on ways to do so. “We invite volunteers to come help out in our Baby Buck Boutique and with other in-office tasks such as mailings,” she says. “Many people wish to donate either operational funds or supplies that our families need, and we can direct their donations where they will have significant impact.”

Insight and Education

Karen Ingle serves as Choices Pregnancy Center's Communications Manager.“One of my most important roles is supplying our neighbors with information they can trust and easily access anywhere,” says Karen, Communications Manager. “I keep our blog posts and website stocked with truthful answers to the questions clients often ask.”

By building Choices’ online presence as a trustworthy and caring ministry, Karen gives our neighbors a source of information that not only encourages them, but also corrects misconceptions. “I’m sad when I see people being confused by lies,” she says. “Here at Choices, I have the opportunity to combat misinformation and reveal truth that is suppressed elsewhere. I work to enlighten our neighbors about the value of life, the often-ignored consequences of their choices, and how they can live fulfilling and joyful lives.”

Here for You, for Life

All of the services at Choices Pregnancy Center are provided free of charge. We want to see our communities grow in healthy ways. And we want to honor the gift of life in each person.

Do you know someone who needs support in pregnancy, parenting, or relationships? Please share this post with them. Or, better yet, encourage them to call, text, or stop by and meet us.

We’ll be here.

We’re in this for life.