Couple in Love

7 Shades of Love

Valentine’s Day movies should be about true love. But you don’t have to look far to find one that portrays exactly the opposite. Another quieter film launch might be more like the real deal. But how can you tell? Want to avoid falling for the fakes? Watch for these 7 shades of true love: True …

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Women Sitting Peacefully

Finding Peace After Abortion

“I’ve never told anyone about my abortion.” “It was so long ago. Why does it bother me now?” “It was my only option. But I wonder, what if…” “I don’t really know what I feel about my abortion . . . relief . . . regret . . . confusion . . .” Looking for …

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Pregnancy Test Anxiety

I See Two

When you sit here in my counseling room at Choices, staring at your positive pregnancy test, I know I’m with two people: you and your baby. Two people who have no idea what will happen next. And one of you is scared. I sit across from you, listening as your story pours out. Maybe you …

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Woman Hugging Her Knees

Hope and Healing After Abortion

If abortion is a piece of your past, and you’ve never felt free to talk through all the ways it has affected who you are today, we can offer you a safe place to begin. Come join us for a discussion around the book called Worthy of Love, by Shadia Hrichi, someone who knows what …

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Pretending STDs Don't Exist

The Worst Best-Kept Secret: STDs

According to your favorite TV show, they never happen. No one on your playlist of love songs ever sings about getting one. Most people you know only joke about them. Do they even exist? Oh, yes they do. They’re called STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)—two names for the same ugly secret. …

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Woman at Bus Stop

What are You Waiting For?

When you can microwave a meal in seconds, text a friend 24/7, or instantly stream a video (like the amazing time-lapse below) who needs to wait? You do. Some really good things only come to those who wait. Take friendship. You can’t cook one up overnight. A good friendship needs time: time to savor shared …

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Mother's Day Poem

The Marvel of Motherhood

When we women stand at the brink of motherhood, we have no real idea what we’re getting into. Now that I’m several years beyond that brink, I’m aware of a strange paradox: If someone had told me how hard motherhood would be, I might not have considered it. And if they had told me how …

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Peaking Around A Corner

Are You in Crisis? Help is Just Around the Corner at Choices!

Some movies just make me want to cry. Like the ones in which the leading actress is facing mounting problems: She can’t pay the rent She’s dying for lack of medicine She has chased off the one man who really loved her It looks hopeless. So she walks toward that dark, lonely bridge. She’s going …

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Pregnancy Belly

“Keeping” Your Baby: What Does That Really Mean?

You can be very proud of yourself for making the life-giving decision to “keep” your baby. Yet that is just the first step. Once your baby is born, you won’t just be “keeping” him, you’ll be raising him. Let’s spend a moment together thinking through what life with your baby will be like. Will it …

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Teen Thinking

I’m Pregnant! Now What?

You are probably thinking…I’ve seen the test results, this is really happening, it is starting to sink in… I. Am. Pregnant. Now, how do I tell my parents or others who are important to me? What will their reaction be? Most young women worry about this step.  We want to share some ideas to help …

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True Love or Cheap Copy?

Valentine’s Day turns our thoughts to love. Whether or not you are a romantic, it is important to recognize what true love is. Is your relationship based on love, or on something else entirely? Love is….    Focused Outwardly. Love always thinks of the other person and tries to do what’s best for him or her. …

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