How Your Loose Change Can Change Lives

Bottle Campaign 1 resizedHow much would you pay to save a life?

Fifty cents? A dollar? All the change in your pockets?

How much is it worth to you to help a scared young woman in your own community find out she can receive help with her unplanned pregnancy right here in Redwood Falls?

What if you could help a young mother-to-be decide not to abort her baby, by giving her practical assistance and a loving network of supporters? Would you empty your pockets to assure her she can save her baby's life?

If saving lives matters to you, you can literally start with the change in your pockets. Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you can drop your loose change into one of our decorative baby bottles and do just that: save lives.

Your baby bottle full of change will help Choices Pregnancy Center continue to provide life-saving services to young mothers—and fathers too—facing unexpected pregnancies. With your help, we can give them necessary supplies, education, wise counsel, and faith-based hope. To find out how Choices is already effectively serving the women of your community, click here.

If you attend an area church, it's likely your congregation is participating in this campaign. Pick up your own baby bottle at church on Mother’s Day and bring it back on Father’s Day with your loose change inside.

Participating Churches

If you're not connected to a participating church family, stop by our office and request a bottle directly. We’d be happy to give you one.

Then watch the change accumulate. In the bottle . . . and in transformed lives.


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Thank you for your generous support!